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Dema is a combination between the demas, which were deities belonging to the most ancient agricultural beliefs, and Demeter, goddess of Wheat and of Agriculture. It is also the name of ProPHOS Chemicals division that deals with fertilizers.

Within our company we develop a wide range of solutions for the nutrition of several types of crops: the result are microgranules, liquids and water-soluble products that meet the main needs of the Italian and foreign markets.

Quality and sustainability 

The cornerstones of our company are on the one hand the maintenance of a high-quality standard and, on the other hand, the effort undertaken to be a green company.

For this reason we have the ISO 9001 certification and we are constantly committed to implement environmental policies, during the entire production process.

Our products

The main raw materials in Dema are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are essentials for the production of fertilizers. At the same time, they are versatile as they are also used for the productions in the fire extinguishing unit of ProPHOS Chemicals.

In support of the production cycle, we hold a modern and innovative laboratory with cutting-edge instruments, in order to support product processes and their innovation.

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