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Microgranular fertilizers


Two large families of fertilizers, 24 products designed for every need and type of crop: our line of micro granular and liquid-water soluble Dema fertilizers accompanies and supports the development of plants from seeding to maturity, ensuring maximum yield for all types of crop and production.

Microgranular fertilizers.

Our Dema fertilizers are starter micro granules particularly suitable to the first stage of plant growth. Starting from an identical base formulation, they are divided into true starters, starters integrated with IPE® technology, humic acids and growth activators.

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Micro granular

Liquid and water-soluble fertilizers.

Liquid fertilizers are intended to complete the protection of the plant life cycle, and therefore complete the range of ProPHOS Chemicals products. Our Dema liquid and water-soluble fertilizers protect and help plants beyond the first cycle of life.

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Liquid water-soluble