Our services
make us unique.

Microgranular fertilizers

Our services make us unique


In addition to guaranteeing our many years’ experience, expertise and availability to our partners, we also guarantee various high value-added services.
Our commitment is clear: to always be alongside distributors and wholesalers. This is why we guarantee services such as soil analysis, training and tailor-made consultancy, without forgetting the delivery of even minimum quantities of product. Dema is not only a guarantee of excellent and reliable products, but also of attention, respect and trust.

  • Service icon - soil analysis

    Soil analysis

    Our soil analysis and research laboratory is among the most modern and innovative in the field of fertilisers. In addition to improving products in terms of environmental sustainability, we also offer accurate analysis of the soil in order to make most suitable choice of fertiliser.

  • Service icon - training and consulting

    Training and consultancy

    We believe that our partners should grow with us, in knowledge and experience. Therefore, we offer ample training and consultancy opportunities according to the needs of our customers.

  • Service icon - support and collaboration

    Support and collaboration

    We develop marketing and communication projects and activities to support our distributors in the promotion and sale of our micro granule.

  • Service icon - company visits

    Company visits

    We believe in maximum transparency: our partners are free to verify in person the excellence of our plants and our cutting-edge laboratory.

  • Service icon - speed of delivery

    Speed of delivery

    For the distributor, the management of a large warehouse can be a problem. We take care of needs-based restocking in the fastest time possible, even for small quantities of product.