Innovation and sustainability.

Microgranular fertilizers



Sustainably-oriented mentality, methodology and process: from environmental to economic, human and social sustainability.
Sustainability must therefore drive our every step and decision; every step creates tangible value for the environment and for the people. From the people in the company, to the distributor, as far as the farmer.



An innovative approach to technology and production processes, as well as to product performance. Always striving for sustainability. No to innovation as an end in itself.


The respect and trust that is established between people. We encourage constructive dialogue and meetings, for relationships that last over time, for mutual growth. This is also a form of sustainability.


Being cutting edge means being pioneers and therefore always being one step ahead of the rest. ProPhos is the first company to develop technologies and a unique product.
The only path to success, on which we want our distributors to join us.


The Dema micro granule

In our cutting-edge laboratories, we have created a superior quality micro granule by adopting an innovative approach to technology and cultivation methods. The result is a product that is more efficient because we successfully improved the main chemical and physical parameters, such as the shape, size, solubility and evenness of surface.



The limited and ever diminishing quantities of phosphorus in the world make it an extremely precious resource for the development of life. Today, the only really affordable production process for using phosphorus as a fertilizer is by mining it from phosphorite, but only a few countries have available reserves of this mineral, which are in any case limited.