Microgranular fertilizers.

Microgranular fertilizers
Dema Fertilizers

Starter effect micro granular fertilizers

Dema micro granular fertilizers are starters particularly suitable for use in the first stage of plant growth. Starting from an identical base formulation, they are divided into actual micro granular starter fertilizers, micro granular starter fertilizers integrated with IPE® technology, humic acids and growth activators.

In our cutting-edge laboratories, we created a superior quality fertilizer by adopting an innovative approach to technology and cultivation methods. The result is a micro granule that is more efficient because we successfully improved the main chemical and physical parameters, such as the shape, size, solubility and evenness of surface. Every single unit of our micro granular fertilizer is able to provide all the nutrients the plant needs in its N-P-K growth phase, preventing, in particular, the dispersion of the precious phosphorous into the soil.

Our micro granular fertilizer represents our concrete commitment to the conservation of our planet’s resources and is, to all the effects, the best possible solution available to distributors and farmers for all types of crop.