The Dema micro granule.

Microgranular fertilizers


The micro granule

In agriculture, an element as precious and limited as phosphorus must be used in a targeted and functional manner. Phosphorus, but also nitrogen and potassium, should be administered to the plant in the first stage of growth adopting the most efficient and optimal method.

Targeted distribution
on the root
Homogeneous growth
of rows and plants

Uniform grain size

Graphic example of the uniform grain size of the Dema micro granule


Today, the micro granule is the only truly innovative and highly sustainable option, capable of ensuring significant, concrete and measurable growth performance in plants.

  • Germinazione
  • Eccellente
  • Rispetto
  • Ottimizzazione
    dell’utilizzo del fosforo
  • Best
    quality/price ratio

The Dema micro granule

In our cutting-edge laboratories, we have created a superior quality micro granule, which, measuring the main parameters, is more effective than all the products currently on the market. Depending on the type of crop, it ensures:

  • up to 10 times greater yield, tested and documented in the lab and in the field, which translates into considerable economic savings
  • a more robust and resistant plant: in the greenhouse, root and leaf growth increased by up to 15/20% and plant height increased by up to 20-30%.

In addition, our fertilizer has the following characteristics:

  • Uniformity of product
  • Grain size / Dimension Ø 0.5-1.2
  • Micro granule homogenization through an exclusive production system
  • All the nutrients are found in every single micro granule
  • Controlled humidity
  • Totally dust-free
  • Easy spreading (fits all micro dosing cups)
  • High solubility
  • Localized nutrient application
  • High phosphorous concentration
  • Greater formation of secondary roots
  • Totally eco-friendly
Schema riassuntivo dei vantaggi del Microgranulo Dema: crescita foliare +15%, crescita in altezza tra il +20 e il +30%, crescita radicale +20%


  • Optimum germination
  • Excellent rooting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Optimized use of phosphorus
  • Improved quality/price ratio

The Dema micro granule offers the highest guarantees of yield, efficiency and performance, in a totally eco-friendly way. The excellent quality/price ratio, the option of immediate delivery even for small quantities, comprehensive advice and the services available to distributors and farmers make this product the best possible solution for a vast range of crops.