The advantages of using starter fertilizers

Starter fertilizers: what are the main advantages?

Starter fertilizers are chemical or organic products used to enrich the soil with essential nutrients, stimulating plant growth from the early stages of development.

Starter fertilizer: the definition


They are formulated to provide nutrients directly to the young plant roots, ensuring an initial and timely availability of key elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Often, starter fertilizers also contain other important micronutrients such as zinc (as DEMA STARTPHOS 11-51), manganese, and iron, which contribute to improving nutrient absorption in the soil and promote more robust and balanced growth in young plants.

The mode of application of starter fertilizers depends on the type of cultivation and the specific needs of the plant. They are usually applied by localized methods during sowing: the goal is to ensure an adequate concentration of nutrients in close proximity to the plant roots, where they are absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Starter fertilizers: the advantages


The use of starter fertilizers offers numerous advantages for professionals.

  • Initially, it allows young plants to better cope with the stress of transplantation, as it provides them with an immediate supply of vital nutrients at a crucial time for their growth;
  • moreover, they stimulate the development of stronger and deeper roots, which results in better resistance to diseases and adverse environmental conditions. Well-developed roots provide a solid anchorage in the soil and increased absorption of water and nutrients, ensuring faster and healthier plant growth.

Lastly, the use of starter fertilizers in combination with localized fertilization represents an advanced agronomic strategy that aims to maximize efficiency in the use of nutrients, reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of agricultural practices.

DEMA Starter fertilizers


DEMA microgranular fertilizers, thanks to their specific formulation, allow young plants to reach their optimal growth potential from the beginning, ensuring a more abundant and higher quality crop production.

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