The root system. Importance and functions of the plant’s roots

How important are roots when it comes to developing healthy and productive plants? Very much!

How important are roots when it comes to developing healthy and productive plants? Very much!

The root system, even if hidden underground, plays a central role for the growth and health of plants: what happens (or does not happen) in the subsoil affects accordingly in the epigeal part of the plant.

The root system


Any plant (whatever is the shape of the roots) consists, in the hypogeal part, of a maturation region (through the root hair), an elongation region and a division one; without forgetting the presence of a primary root and many smaller secondary roots that also extend considerably underground.

The different parts that make up the apparatus carry out all the activities in synergy to have a strong structure, the result of a good availability of nutrients and good stability. But let’s look at the functions.

The root system: its functions


What are the functions of the root system?

  1. Anchoring: an optimal development allows the plant to better anchor to the substrate, ensuring adequate stability to grow and develop;
  2. Absorption: of water and nutrients, often distributed through fertilization.
    In some cases, the roots also perform the function of stock storage;
  3. Hormonal source: produces hormones to control the different mechanisms of plant development.

Although it is not visible (which makes it difficult to monitor and understand if there are problems), it is good to remember that its functions are very important for the optimal plant development, and consequently to obtain performant yields (in quantitative and qualitative terms) during the harvest.

Use of DEMA starter fertilizers for root development


The absorbing function of the roots therefore allows the supply of nutrients to the plant: fundamental elements to lay the foundations for optimal development throughout the life cycle.

For this reason, the use of microgranular starter fertilizers, in the seed groove and nearby the seed, allows a first boost to radical growth, better growth, as well as greater resistance to abiotic stress.

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